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Corporate Advisors | International Acquisition & Divestment Specialists | London, New York, Washington

Corporate Advisors 


Corporate Advisors (CA) is always looking for companies that may be willing to talk to a prospective buyer. We are being asked on a daily basis for companies that meet certain criteria - which may be as broad as having a minimum EBITDA in excess of $1million or, in the UK EBIT £500k+. Please do contact us - because we may be in touch with a company that is looking for a business like yours (and our fee would be paid by the buyer). All communications with CA are handled in strictest confidence.

Founded in 1998, with offices in London, New York and Washington DC, CA is in its 10th year of operation providing to the middle market an M&A advisory service more typically associated with only the very largest firms.

Independent of any affiliation and supported by multi-lingual staff, CA routinely deals directly with CEOs and owners of companies on a worldwide basis - both to source acquisition opportunities and to identify potential buyers. This is supported by a strong global research and marketing capability (the latter as important to acquisitions as to company sales). By dealing directly, CA avoids any potential for conflicts of interest, and ensures confidentiality throughout the acquisition or sale process.

Our transatlantic team works closely together on each assignment and adds quantifiable value by devoting the appropriate high level skills to each aspect of the M&A process. CA has demonstrated time and again its creativity and expertise managing the complexity and subtlety of deal negotiation to optimize the client's result. These clients, who range from large public companies to smaller owner-managed businesses, recognize this and, as a result, CA has ongoing client relationships extending back to the very inception of the firm.

Engaged equally on buy-side and sell-side assignments, CA values its reputation for high quality and high integrity and adheres to a strict code of conduct, which includes maintaining absolute confidentiality on each assignment throughout all stages of the process.


Independent of any affiliation, CA works across national boundaries, dealing directly with CEOs and business owners on a worldwide basis.