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Exclusive Opportunities

Utilizing its extensive and international research capability, CA will approach all companies that meet the detailed acquisition criteria agreed with the client (excluding those targets that the client does not want approached). Following detailed screening, CA will present the client with a list of companies that both meet the criteria and which would consider the possibility of being acquired by the client. These companies are usually exclusively open to CA's client.

Choice of Acquisition Target

CA will deliver a choice of acquisition targets to its client and will maintain a dialog with multiple parties until such time as the client has agreed terms with its preferred partner. In the event that satisfactory terms cannot be agreed with the preferred target, the client has a fallback position without having to start the whole time-consuming process again.

International Search

With offices on both sides of the Atlantic, and a multi-lingual capability, CA manages an international acquisition search with a dedicated transatlantic team working as one. This provides the client with a global capability managed on a local basis and obviates the need to seek out advisors in unfamiliar territories.

Management throughout the Process

CA will assist the client throughout the acquisition search, up to and including the final closing. This is particularly important with international transactions where the client does not have a local office. This assistance extends from identifying and contacting all possible acquisition candidates, representing and marketing the client (the buyer) in the most positive light (a seller needs to be enthused about the approach) and managing the interface between the buyer and the sellers throughout the process, including guidance through the subtleties and complexities of the negotiation process.


CA delivers a choice of targets with the client typically being placed in an exclusive negotiating position - avoiding the high cost and uncertainty of auctions.