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Company Sales & Divestments 


In today's global economy, companies increasingly have to develop international strategies to maintain competitive advantage, access new markets, acquire new technologies or defend market position. And often such international companies will pay a premium to secure the right market position or technology.

CA recognizes this and has invested heavily in research to ensure that all potential buyers - domestic and international - are identified and approached to maximize the value of the business being sold.

Comprehensive, High Quality Marketing

It is not just a matter of identifying all potential buyers, wherever they may be located in the world. The message has to be compelling. In producing an Offering Memorandum, CA takes care to ensure not just that the financial history is accurately conveyed but the full potential - realized and unrealized - is set out in a way that compels and excites buyer interest.

It's Not Just About Price

CA recognizes that a sale transaction is not just about price but also strategic fit, objectives of the parties, deal structure and personal chemistry. For example, while a national buyer might typically want to integrate an acquisition into its own organization, an international buyer might be more inclined to maintain the separate identity of an acquired company and, indeed, use it as a platform for further growth. CA seeks to ensure that its clients' objectives are fully satisfied in all respects.

Management Throughout the Process

Having engaged the interest of buyers, CA will assist in the evaluation of the different approaches to help the client determine the best course of action considering all issues, not just headline price. And, time and again, CA has proven its ability to guide the client through the subtleties and complexities of detailed deal negotiations - ensuring in the process that the terms of the offer as initially agreed remain unchanged at the deal's close.


CA's comprehensive marketing approach is designed to deliver a choice of buyers to its client. This has an obvious positive impact on price but also provides the client with the opportunity to consider alternative approaches, which may be related to price, deal structure or the ongoing management of the business. Clearly, CA's depth of business experience provides a real value at this critical stage of the process.


By avoiding the use of intermediaries or affiliates and dealing directly with the CEOs and owners of potential buyers, CA ensures that the right message is delivered to the right target, maintains direct control of the flow of confidential information throughout the process and avoids any potential for conflicts of interest.


The true value of a company cannot be realized unless it is comprehensively (but confidentially) marketed to all potential buyers - wherever they may be located.