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Corporate Advisors | International Acquisition & Divestment Specialists | London, New York, Washington

The Team 


Peter Timms | Founder and CEO

Peter Timms, Founder and CEOPeter Timms founded Corporate Advisors in 1998 following a corporate career rich in M&A transactional experience in both the US and Europe. A qualified accountant, he rose quickly to take his first Director and CFO role at age 22 with one of Europe's most acquisitive conglomerates. Five years with the international PA Consulting Group, in Corporate Strategy and M&A, led almost immediately to his first role as CEO of a public company - becoming the youngest, at that time, to reach the top position in a London-listed company. In this, and in subsequent roles located variously in the US and in Europe, he built a reputation for expertise in turnaround or in high growth situations, executing company sales and acquisitions across the US and Europe on a regular basis, to maximise shareholder value. He has served on three public company Boards and is a current member of the Advisory Board of Opus8, an investment group focused on middle-market buyouts, with interests in the US, Eastern Europe, Latin America and China.

Download pdf of Peter's interview in 'Excellence in Leadership', a publication of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

Fiona Mason | Managing Director, London

Fiona Mason, Managing DirectorFiona joined Corporate Advisors in the US in 1998, returning to London in 2001, and appointed Managing Director of the London office in 2005. She has command of a number of European languages and spent over 15 years with IMES Consulting, an international management consultancy focused on marketing research and strategy development.

Karen Devaney

A founder member of Corporate Advisors, Karen supports all aspects of CA administration and office management in the US, as well as its business development.

Rita Dishart

Rita joined CA at its inception as Financial Controller and Company Secretary. She was Financial Controller of IMES Consulting for 7 years prior to this, and has over 20 years experience with diverse manufacturing and service businesses.


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